ECO 2000 timber products are finished and coated in a premium grade two pack furniture lacquer. The cleaning of these products should only be carried out using luke warm water and a damp soft clean cloth. If absolutely necessary a mild diluted detergent will not harm the surface but rinse off any residue. Excessive water may deteriorate your surface if applied regularly. These surfaces are heat and alcohol "RESISTANT" only. Do not place hot items directly on the surface. All spillages should be removed as soon as possible.

We recommend "MIROTONE SPRAY GLOW" for maintenance
and preservation of your timber products.

Please ensure you DO NOT use alcohol or spirit based cleaning products as these will deteriorate the surface. Nail polish will wreck your table. Any cleaning products should be silicone free. Do not leave your timber products in direct sunlight for extended periods. This can cause splitting or warping of timber, cracking of polish or discolouration. Coasters etc may leave a 'shadow' if left in one position for lengthy periods. Avoid placing your products in the direct path of air conditioners or too close to any heating device.

A little commonsense and maintenance will ensure you have many years of trouble free service from the product you have chosen.

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